5 Poker Myths

#1 – Poker takes years to learn
Anyone can learn Poker in a matter of hours, especially with the help of online games and hundreds of strategy books. It’s mastering the game that takes time. To play at a completive level it will definitely take some extra time and dedication to become a pro.

#2 – Playing Poker is all about knowing how to bluff
This is not true. Bluffing is a good and helpful technique in any game of Poker, but it should be used only now and again to be fully effective. Good players don’t necessarily bluff all the time, they simply use good strategies and get the best out of the hands they’re dealt.

Poker Chips

#3 – Online Video Poker is rigged
Online casino games are generated with random coding and like in a real life casino, it simply comes down to the luck of the draw. Good poker players make the best of their hands and do not blame the dealers (online or otherwise) for their bad cards.

#4 – Poker is a game of pure luck
Any form of gambling does have an element of luck to it, some more than others. That’s why it’s called gambling. Poker, however, is a great game of skill, strategy and technique. Luck is only a part of it. Good Poker players have trained and practiced and studied many strategies so that they can play many successful rounds of Poker.

#5 – No Limit Hold’Em Poker is the most difficult Poker variation
This is a myth and it is actually the game Pot Limit Hold’Em that requires much more skill than in any other Poker game. This is mostly because the game gives the more skilled players a bigger advantage and takes away any beginner advantage.