Konami Buys Popular Game “Sword and Poker”

Combining traditional video game sword fighting with professional poker may seem unusual. However, a game called “Sword and Poker” managed to successful mix together the two worlds and create an incredibly popular video game. The game can be thought of as a hybrid of playing regular Texas Hold’Em Poker and enjoying a role playing game with sword fighting. Sword and Poker came out in 2010, with a sequel following a few months later.

However, the two games did not last long. They were removed from Android and Apple app stores by early 2011. Since then, the games have endured a long history of vanishing and resurfacing on app stores for various mobile platforms. When the parent company TouchArcade was contacted for explanation, they would remain mum.

Despite that unusual behavior, it is clear that these games are a bona fide hit. For that reason, Konami has decided to invest in the franchise and release a third version of the game, titled “Sword and Poker Adventures”.

The game will be started off on the Singaporean market, with further launches planned in the coming months. The game is said to be a major graphics and game play upgrade from previous versions. The game involves having to defeat several “bad” characters, not through sword play, but by beating them at poker.

For example, if you get a four of a kind, you automatically defeat the monster. Getting a pair or a double pair only gets you a certain number of points, which have to be totted up in order to defeat your enemy.

The game is a highly addictive experience, with users claiming that they could keep playing Sword and Poker Adventures for hours at a time. The game was recently demoed at the World Wide Developers Conference, where several smartphone, tablet and computer games are showcased. At this event, users were very pleased with the game’s experience. Despite a few unusual rule changes, such as timers on the free poker games, the game is said to have received positive feedback.

Konami is hoping that a move for Sword and Poker will help them establish a base in the Asian smartphone gaming market.

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