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Approximately 164 million people are anticipated to place a bet, purchase a lottery ticket on a mobile device, or visit a Texas-Holdem-pokermobile casino in 2018. Throughout the mobile market, casinos are enhancing gameplay. They are looking at the trends, opportunities and challenges.

It has been said by industry professionals that a mobile application or app has the ability to make the gambling experience more convenient than that of a laptop or desktop.

Super Casino is already well-known for offering mobile roulette games across a variety of mobile operators. They have taken a particular interest in technological advances. They are looking at what is driving the current trend.

Increase in Mobile Gaming

The increase in mobile gaming has everything to do with the number of smartphone users. Android and Apple users alike are increasing – and this is leading to more smartphones on the market and more casinos stepping up to offer mobile gaming opportunities.

Betting on a mobile device should not disrupt a person’s overall experience on their device. Super Casino wants to take the experience a step further by making it as convenient as possible. This is why they want to offer double screens and such. A person can watch a live sports game and make a bet on their smartphone.

Super Casino wants to make it possible to make deposits and withdrawals through the app. They also want to make it possible for people to receive a call during a game and go right back to the game when the call is over.

Super Casino has live roulette games going all the time. They are an online TV casino – and the longest running as well. They provide a realistic experience for people who want to play roulette outside of a casino. doesn’t just offer roulette to players. They also offer card games, table games, video poker, blackjack and slots.

With new technology being developed on a daily basis, mobile gaming is constantly on the rise. By 2018, almost everyone with a smartphone will have embraced mobile gaming in one capacity or another.

Poker requires much more application of strategy and keen betting instinct, whether its played at an in-house casino or online.  However, playing it online does have its pros and cons. For one, there is less sense of intimidation from players but on the other hand, each player only has a set amount of time to make an educated decision. If you find yourself a bit wet behind the ears when it comes to Online Poker, we have some great advice for you, that is sure to help improve your game.

Online Poker Tips – The Secrets in Winning
  1. Do not Play every hand: Playing more doesn’t mean winning more, it usually means losing more. If you find you’re staying in half or more the hands you’re dealt, you need to work out a standard hand requirement.
  2. Don’t Bluff Just to Bluff: Bluffing is an essential part of poker but  there’s is NO rule that requires you to compulsively bluff your way through every second game depending on your hand., it requires a certain amount of skill.
  3. Don’t Stay in a Hand Just Because You’ve Placed a Bet: Just because you have placed chips on the table does not require you to keep playing on a bad hand. You might slip through on pure, but unless you are relatively sure its worth the risk, just fold.
  4. Don’t Play in a Bad Mood –  Emotion often clouds critical thinking.  
  5. Concentrate: Pay attention to your hand, and whats happening on the table. Always try to spot winning hand possibilities. Just keep track of what’s going on.
  6. Play at your limit: If you feel you are prepared for it, by all means, go ahead. But don’t play at a level that requires you to take into account your day to day money. Play where you are currently skilled to play and where you can afford to play.
Online Poker Tips – The Secrets in Winning

UK Online Poker players have many choices when it comes to selecting the best Online Poker sites UK. However, with so many websites online, which ones should you play at? Below are few of the sites that you can check out for  a great Online Poker experience:

888 Poker

888 Poker is a leading UK Poker website. They have exclusive Freerolls, Poker Promotions, incredible Poker action and tickets to several of the biggest live tournaments in Europe. 888 still tops among the sites that are frequently visited by online players.

Titan Poker

Visit the Best Online Poker Sites UK

Titan Poker has everything a Video Poker player could ask for. They provide cash games, amazing software, big tournament and quick customer service. Expect a 200% up to $1000 bonus as part of the site’s constant promotion.

Full Tilt Poker

The casino offers online players in the UK a 100% up to $600 Deposit Bonus. Full Tilt also provides a huge range of Table games and tournaments. If you are looking for a good Poker website in UK, then Full Tilt is your top choice . The action never stops at Full Tilt as they also offer mixed games such as H.O.R.S.E. and H.O.S.E. in both cash games and tournaments.

Sky Poker

This site is big when it comes to online Poker sites. This is a greatly trusted online Poker website with its great traffic and poor competition. If you want to see how you play on TV, then you can never go wrong with Sky Poker as they telecast and replay Poker games on Sky Poker TV in UK.

If you want to enjoy great gaming and avoid frustration, better check out any of these sites. The good thing about playing online poker is that you don’t need to pay taxes as your winnings are yours and yours alone.

Poker is a card game. The first round of gaming commences with one of the players making some form of a forced bet or called as the blind. Players will be betting for whose hand shall have the highest ranked. Each player must either counterpart the previous bet or fold, losing the amount bet. However, the one who matches the bet may increase it.

In low stakes online poker, the game is played online that deals with players who do not want to risk much money on it. The number one rule in this game is to confirm down the best hand.

Limitless games permit you to glide about a bit. Through some sixth sense and some coercion to manoeuvre your adversary, to conjure is a big NO-NO. You have to gash perimeters. This edge game bids less opportunity to prove advantage through luring them to your different unique moves.

The Basics of Low Stakes Online Poker

Reality check: Systematic players most often win in this small stake poker games. They don’t show much flair. They never do tricks very often; and you might just see them too overwhelmed with their chips.

It is important to have strategies and tactics in playing this kind of games; and availability of traps and pitfalls are just around. So it is still important to stay your cool while planning for the next thing to do. Another thing too, thinking fast is important here. It is because this is an online game. You have to deal with the computer dealer, and mind you they move fast.

Lastly, one of the things you encounter when you got to play online is that you happen to sit with computers instead of people. In that, you have to listen all the while with computer dealers who shrieks at new players. And whenever a game is over, it is always a good chance to grab an opportunity to study a new tactic to be applied.

Most people suggest that online Poker systems are fixed or rigged because they believe that cards are dealt in certain patterns to make sure that particular hands are chosen by the computer.

With the number of bad beats, players can say that the site is fixed with no hands or cards dealt out at random. The truth is online poker sites use RNG or Random Number Generator to randomly choose cards among the deck of 52 cards. A lot of those players who have had bad beats complained that the sites they played to was fixed. Hence, they visit forums to get support with their complaints only to be told straight in the face that the reason they are not winning is that they are such bad players.

Among the reasons people pointed out the online poker to be fixed or rigged are the following:

Too Many Bad Beats

Online Poker Systems: Fixed or Random?

Compared to the Mortar and Brick Poker, the number of bad beats is greater. This is because the action at an online Poker table is much faster than the action in the traditional Poker. (More hands equal more beats). Besides, you are not playing face to face with online players which mean that the players are happier to call down big bets and raise on unexpected draws. This is because they will not be worried about other players berating them. Compared online, raising odd and terrible draws will definitely gain you smirks and criticisms.

Cards Are Fixed To Encourage People to Play

In theory, bad players are encouraged to play by fixing the cards to avoid losing money and leaving the room. The room wants to keep as many players as possible to increase the rake. If a room is helping lousy players from losing money, this means taking cash out from the good players for compensation of the bad player.

Furthermore, the site will need to junk their RNG system. They need to have a system that will detect losing players. This is not just difficult to design; it is also illegal to perform. The truth is poker sites need to go through different tests and standards to get legalized, which means they have to break the law to fix the cards. There are plenty of people who are in the rooms that give a higher chance of being caught with that dirty system. If this information leaks out, the integrity of the site is questioned. If worse comes to worst, sites will be forced to close and will have to pay big fines. Consequently, they also need to face legal issues.

Why waste such time over this illegal act and taint the site’s reputation when you can always reinforce the attention of the old players to participate in the game? Of course, never forget the eager new players whom you can offer exciting promos to play.

Online Poker Systems: Fixed or Random?

To avoid websites that you believe are rigged or fixed, make sure to choose sites that are legal and regulated. You don’t only avoid the chance of being a sour loser; you also avoid the chance of being fooled in money matters.

Irish Poker is a variation of Texas Hold’ em Poker. The only difference is that players get dealt  four hole cards – before the flop, instead  two.  However, after the betting round on the flop, players discard two cards and use their remaining cards to form a hand, like in Texas Hold’ em.

What to be Considered in Online Poker Ireland

Like any other forms of poker, this variation uses the standard 52-card deck. It offers both  limitless and limited plays on pots.

There are things that need to be considered in the game like the blinds, the sitting down, the ‘what happens in the first round’, the flop, the discard round, the turn, the river and the showdown. Now, what are these?

The game progresses identical to a game of Texas Hold’ em with the blinds being placed before any community cards are dealt and  the flop  – first three community cards, being dealt after the initial betting round.

The discard round is the round where everybody discards only two cards. This happens when everybody has bet from the second round of the game and it has been steadied. The turn is the fourth community card. It follows the discard round once the dealer is through with delivering one faced up card to each player.

What to be Considered in Online Poker Ireland

The river is the last community card after the bets in the third round are placed. And finally, the showdown is where every player reveals their hand, and the player with the highest ranking hand wins.

Texas Hold’em Poker is the worlds most popular variation of poker.  To begin, each player is only dealt two non-community cards. These cards are called ‘pocket cards’ or ‘hole cards’: they are cards dealt directly to your hand and no one else is meant to see them. Once these cards are dealt, the bidding starts.
The next three cards are called ‘the flop’. These cards are the first community cards dealt on the table. (They are dealt face up, so everyone can see them) and remaining players bet or fold after these are shown .Two more community cards are dealt, one at a time with bidding rounds for each. The pot of money is won either when only one player wants to bet or when players have called all bets to the last card showing, where the best hand wins.

Texas Hold’em is a seven card stud poker variation. This is where the players have common cards called ‘the board’. Each of the players is dealt with two private cards. The board is composed of five cards which are slowly revealed through three rounds of the game. This is called the Flop, the Turn and the River. Since the first two card poker hands are composed of faced-down poker cards, opening the bet is done in clockwise manner after each hand. This is done through the use of a dealer button and blinds. The challenge of the game is to let players identify which cards will appear and how to use them. The players should also know how the other players would use the cards

Try Your Luck in Free Online Texas Holdem Tournament

Blinds are compulsory bets made by the first two players clockwise from the dealer button. The amounts posted as blinds in all limit games are 1/2 lower of the limit for the first player and the lower limit for the second player. In a $10-$20 game, the blinds will be $5 and $10. The Texas hold‘em player should consider different factors before betting. In every round, players can choose to forfeit, otherwise called fold. He can also choose to place bets to stay in the game. Betting can also be deceiving. Players bet to fool players into thinking that they have good cards, this is referred to as bluffing.

Try Your Luck in Free Online Texas Holdem Tournament

If you have experience in playing Texas Hold’em, then you can enjoy free online Texas holdem tournament. Furthermore, if you want to master your Poker skills, there are many online Poker sites that offer Free trials and provide entrances to big tournaments.

Poker has always been misunderstood in almost all corners of the society. About five years ago, it was estimated that around fifty million people were playing Poker either recreationally or professionally. Recently, statistics have shown that the numbers have grown over the years. In this period, we are not talking about thousands but a figure of more than a hundred million, with young folks emerging as the largest group of entrants.

Winning at Online Poker for Dummies – An Insightful Book

The spike in the younger generation being drawn to Poker is due to the fact that they are always getting first-hand information on their interests, this group has been blessed with a new book. The title of the book is Winning at online Poker for dummies. It is a concise book that can be read from cover to cover in the shortest time possible.

It highlights the best sites and gives a wealth of information on virtual games. Perhaps, the most important attribute of the book is that it shows you how to go about making the most secure online bets.

The content of the book includes setting up an account, which is the first step towards playing poker online. After that comes the securing of funds. The next is finding your way around the poker game board. This part is highlighted with pictures that have labels. Introduction of essential Poker lingo is also covered in details. Winning at online Poker for dummies is definitely an investment purchase for player looking to go from a novice Poker player to a seasoned pro.

Poker staking, or just staking, is defined as the act of putting cash up on behalf of a poker player in the hopes that the player wins. ( As in, staking in the favour of someone.) The person who stakes is called the backer while the Poker player who is backed is called the horse. Staking can be likened to a loan. Take, for example, a poker player who participates in a $200 worth tournament and comes to the backer for the money; the backer will give the horse the stake. However, prior to that, both should agree on payment repayment to the backer . If the horse doesn’t win, neither of you can benefit.

The Basic Guide to Online Poker Staking

Since staking is an investment, the horse and the backer negotiate before the start of the game. The two agree on a certain percentage where the backer takes the agreed percentage of all the winnings. This percentage can be quite lucrative especially in high end tournaments.

Because the backer takes all the risk, the share gets higher. However, the usual share of winning is 50 percent. For major tournaments, the buy-ins are over $10,000 while the ring games demand a higher price. In the modern set-up the players usually follow the rule of thumb, which is that the winning percentage is equal to half the percentage of the backing paid. For example, If the backer stakes a 100%, then he gets 50%.

The Basic Guide to Online Poker Staking

As there are many who prefer to play Poker on the web, online Poker staking is also popular. In this set-up, it is important that both the horse and backer trust each other. The horse should know that the player isn’t fooling him about wins and losses. However, with different features of online Poker, it is hard for the horse to steal from his backer.

If you are new to Poker staking online, then you best visit different websites. There are plenty of them that provide comprehensive and in-depth information towards Poker staking.

As much as people enjoy the games, at the end of the day, it is still about winning money. Online Poker earnings can become one’s source of income if you become a  good player. There are many factors affecting the winnings in online poker. These factors can either increase or decrease your earnings from one month to the next. These include the following:

• Win Rate

the percentage of how many times you win against how many times you lose.

• Quantity of your Game

Check how often you play the game.

Online Poker Earnings - Improving Poker Win Rate

• The Number Of Tables You Play

The quantity of the tables you play can also help you get more hands into the sessions. More hands equal more money.

• The Bets You Pay For

Online Poker Earnings - Improving Poker Win Rate

You should think that the bigger stake involved, the bigger the money you get.

Remember though, these factors cannot help you in calculating the earnings you can get in playing Poker but this can help you in your winnings.

Remember that maintaining the win rate gets more difficult as the game progresses and as other players become better and wiser. Making money out of Poker and depending on it as your source of income is difficult. This is because Poker is inconsistent and you cant determine 100% of the time if you are going to walk away a winner.

There may be a time when you get higher winnings but there may also be time that it decreases.  Thus, the best way to earn big in Poker is to yourself when it comes to placing bets and developing your win rate.